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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The license to kill

As if Kentucky doesn't have enough dorkiness, they adopt this stoo-PID license plate to bring a little life to the highways. Uh...I see road rage comin'.

Imagine one morning when you wake up in the worst mood and running late for work. No time for breakfast not even coffee (oooo......bad move). You peel out of the driveway and gun for the highway when you come upon this #@*&%! slow-ass driver in a #@*&%! slow-ass '92 Geo Prism with the #@*&%! dumb-ass license plate that is just smiling rainbows and gumdrops at you. And it's saying, "It's that friendly!"

Your teeth is gritting, your blood pressure is rising and your knuckles are bleeding from gripping tightly on the steering wheel as you swerve to get in another lane when you are greeted by the same license plate - "It's that friendly", the smiley sun giggles. You curse and mutter under your breath as you swerve into yet ANOTHER lane and AGAIN the sun coos and tee-hees, "It's that friendly!"

Up and down the highway, the suns titter, "IT'S THAT FRIENDLY", "IT'S THAT FRIENDLY", "IT'S THAT FRIENDLY", 'IT'S THAT FRIENDLY" "IT'S THAT FRIENDLY", "IT'S THAT FRIENDLY" until your head just fractures into froot-loops. You ram the gas pedal as you furiously try to wrench the steering wheel from the column, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS, "I'M GONNA #@*&%!! RAM THE SUNNY-BRITE OUTTA YOUR ASS IF YOU DON'T GET THE #@*&%!! OUTTA MY WAY!"

Now you see how a lame-o license plate like Kentucky's can be a license to kill. (In hindsight, you shoulda had your coffee.)


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